Jason Doss

Pentaxian. Veterinarian. Resident of Ingelheim, Germany, deep in the heart of the Rhine Valley and wine country. Let's Connect through Photography!

I'm into photography because it's fun.  Chasing photo gear is fun.  Using photo gear is fun.  Sharing photographs is fun.  Meeting people through photography is fun too.

Stick around and have a look at what I've been doing.  Smart Galleries are easy to make, and categories images form the larger Archive files into keyword matched topics.  Photos in these galleries will change regularly, so check back.

I live in rural Fabulous Newton County, Arkansas on the outskirts of Jasper (pop 550) with my wife and three dogs.  What a place, and what a way to live!  I'm a veterinarian by trade, but photo junkie at heart.

Remember, Jason Doss, that's my name.  That name again is Jason Doss.