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Lens Spotlight

smc Pentax-K 30mm f/2.8

The SMC-K Pentax 30mm f/2.8 is a unique wide angle lens from the original series of K-mount lenses from the mid-1970s. Standard wide angle focal lengths will look like 35mm, 28mm, and 24mm, but here we have a 30mm lens.  Although the field of isn't much different from a standard 28mm, the unique focal length and reputation of the lens made it a mandatory addition to the collection. The lens rates very highly at Pentax Forums' user review page, rating a 9.70 out of 10 with 27 reviews. Like all lenses in my collection, this one is fully manual with an aperture ring and manual focus ring.

The lens is 215g (0.5#) and, focused at infinity, 39.5mm long (1.6 inches) and has 5 aperture blades and 52mm filter threads.  The fast aperture of f/2.8 is about average for lenses of this focal length.  The lens bears the usual aperture ring and has a rubberized grip for easy manual focusing.  Minimum focus distance is 30cm (12in) producing 1:7.7 reproduction ratio (0.13x).

For your viewing pleasure, we have three shots from this lens on the K-1 mII full frame digital SLR. Top left, a plate of Ethiopian food from the Blue Nile in downtown Kansas City, one of our favorite places to have lunch when we have time. They have an excellent buffet suitable for our vegetarian habits. Clockwise, we see a microscope with focus set on the objective lenses, celebrating a recent return to part time pathology practice. Finally, bottom left, an abstract taken at the KC Central Library. This is a stack of chairs waiting for placement prior to a speaker, to whom we did not stay to listen.  All three were taken at or near the closest focus distance, and each image can be viewed full size when you click on it.

That's all I have for now... See you next time.

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