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Lens Spotlight

smc Pentax-K 24mm f/2.8

Twenty-four millimeters is apparently not a popular focal length among Pentaxians.  I say this because only four 24mm lenses were made by Pentax since the introduction of the K-mount, and at Pentax Forums, all four have mediocre ratings.  This Pentax SMC-K 24mm f/2.8 is virtually identical to the A-series lens, and has no M-series counterpart. 

The lens is 41.5mm long (1.6 inches) and 194g (0.4#) and has 52mm filter threads.  The lens handles like all other Pentax manual focus and manual aperture lenses, which is to say it's solid, smooth, and compact.  This is not a lens I reach for very often, because it never seems to hit the spot I'm looking for.  Then again, I choose my lenses by a randomization process, so I rarely allow for breaks from that procedure and avoid taking control of lens choice.

The photographs I ended up with for this blog, and for this lens, all came from Pedestal Rocks.  I've highlighted this location previously, but these three shots show to some degree the potentially spectacular views of these interesting geologic features one can get.  However, I do not recommend visiting in the summertime when the foliage is full, because it obscures much of the view from the trail.

Top left, we see my lovely wife and her unruly dog under a large natural bridge type formation.  These rocks are mostly limestone with lots of interesting microfeatures and multicolored moss and lichens growing everywhere.  To the right, a similar formation from above.  The lens was able to capture enough field of view in both images, and I was happy with each.

Below is a shot directly 180' from the shot upper right.  I was fairly close to the edge, and I never trust Wesley in such situations, so I left him behind in safety.  Again, the field of view is great, maybe too wide, but I wanted to get the family and the enviromnent in the frame.  Sometimes, wide lenses like this will cause metering issues.  In this case, the upper right corner of sky skewed the metering too dark.  Here, I exposed for the trees and rock, and allowed the sky to blow out, then recovered it best I could in lightroom to show some cloud features.

Pedestal Rocks<br />
K-1 mII, K24f2.8

That's all I have for now... See you next time.

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