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52Frames: Your (My) World

This week's primary theme is "Your World," and the secondary theme is "Flatlay."

The main theme this week is general and very individual.  The goal is to present a scene, any scene, that is part of one's own environment, home, hometown, family, or a ritualistic activity that makes you... you.  "Flatlay" is supposed to describe a technique where a bunch of items could be displayed on a surface and photographed from above, such that the scene looks two dimensional.

I'm coming off a two week hiatus that was caused by a combination of forgetfulness, laziness, and malaise.  I hope one day to make it thru 52 weeks in a row, but for now, I'm starting over at ONE.

There are three photos to the right, documentary proof that we went to Harrison for the day on Saturday.  After a few errands, we hung out downtown with our dogs.  We had to be careful, for much of the day the courthouse square was overrun with Pokemon junkies (top).  Actually, we did not need to be careful, as some of them were happy to show me their characters and a little about how to play.

After Leah finally emerged from her clothing shop, we took a walkabout along the lake and the creek that feeds it.  The middle shot is a scene of a total stranger walking up to the creek's edge on a spectacular flat rock base.  The water was up a bit after a couple of days of heavy rain earlier this week, but still this rock surface was exposed and made for a nice place to explore.

Finally, on our way out of town, we stopped for an IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER. I took this shot while we were waiting in the drive thru... a mundane image of an old gas station, desaturated for effec

I had several more shots to choose from, but this was what I ended up using.  The Pour House is one of our favorite places on Harrison.  It's on the square, open all the time, available for breakfast or late night ("late" is relative in a small town), and serves good wine, local beer selections, great food, and fantastic coffee.

We don't go there ritualistically, but often, maybe once every four or six weeks.  In fact, we did pay them a visit for an excellent latte while we walked about town.  I took this shot from across the street, and it is a mild crop from the original... cropped to tighten in on the storefront.  The Pour House is part of "My World," although a little less than the coffee, wine, and beer that they sell there.

That's all I got for this week.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you next week!

What's 52Frames? It's a weekly theme-based photography challenge that's been running for something like eight years now. The About page says that their philosophy is based on the "3 Cs, Creativity, Community, and Consistency." Creativity when time allows to produce some excellent results. Community comments on galleries posted on Facebook (ugh, facebook). And Consistency in practice of taking photos every week. All submitted photos are collated into a weekly album, and comments are welcome.

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