52Frames: Water - Jason Doss

52Frames: Water

This week's primary theme is "Water," and the secondary theme is "Drip Photography."

The main theme is not a matter requiring interpretation.  "Water," H2O, the universal solvent, ice, liquid water, steam, vapor.  Any of it passes.  "Drip Photography" is also self-explanatory.  Take a photo of splishy splashy water driplets and their magical interactions with the phenomenon of surface tension.

This week marks the fourth consecutive week of submissions, and so far, so good at maintaining 100% participation with the new website. The challenge is open to everyone, and I hope you will all join me and report back here if you do!

Although my streak is alive, I sometimes come close to screwing it up by *forgetting* to take my shot. I usually, if not always, do into some kind of deep metaphysical contemplation over what kind of shot to take, how to experiment, and even post-processing effects whenever the new theme is opened. Yet, somehow that thought process sometimes and somehow gets unconsciously confused with actually doing the task, which results in a frenzied last minute effort towards compliance and participation. This week wasn't that bad, but I did dilly-dally until about 8pm on Sunday night before bothering myself to get a shot. This isn't really procrastination, it's something else, and I find it truly annoying. The good news is that success was achieved as both the primary and secondary objectives were satisfied.

This was shot in the kitchen sink, under a dripping (and coincidentally, new) faucet. The colors in the background are a white plate and a green little sauce cup or something filled with water. The purity of the water cannot be vouched for, as none of the materials were washed prior to the shot. Details and particulates were intentionally left. The first few shots were discarded due to high reflections, lack of focal point, poor timing, or confusing patterns or visual effects from the water surface. Soap was included to calm the surface action between drips and to add some visual interest in the non-drippy area.

All but the top two photos were discarded, and the one on the left was submitted.

Starting this week, "Smart Galleries" matching the current theme will be posted for your viewing pleasure in order to promote a oft-forgotten feature of modern photography that everyone involved in the hobby should do. That feature is Keywording.

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful platform that allows professional class editing features as well as a thorough cataloguing module that provides keywording support. Everyone is strongly encouraged to add at least basic keywords to your photos, which can then be very quickly retrieved with a simple search. No more losing those vacation photos from Fiji from a decade ago.. all you need to do is add keyword tags and BAM there they are.

All images in the slideshow contain the keyword "water" somewhere. Lightroom allows heirarchical keywording, which means keywords can be nested inside other keywords.I started this practice relatively recently, so there will be some keywording errors here that I will weed out as the catalog grows.

That's all I got for this week.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you next week!

What's 52Frames? It's a weekly theme-based photography challenge that's been running for something like eight years now. The About page says that their philosophy is based on the "3 Cs, Creativity, Community, and Consistency." Creativity when time allows to produce some excellent results. Community comments on galleries posted at 52Frames.com. And Consistency in practice of taking photos every week. All submitted photos are collated into a weekly album, and comments are welcome.

Let me know you were here! Leave comments below.

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