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52Frames: Street Photography

This week's primary theme is "Street Photography" and the secondary theme is "Photojournalism."

Street photography has always been somewhat of a bane of mine.  It seems part personal interest, part voyeurism, part invasion of privacy while in a public place, and part mind your own business.  Street photography is supposed to describe urban or city photography of people going about their business, doing what they do. They are typically impromptu, but can include some spontaneous portraiture. A lot of times, these are presented in black and white, and usually just don't hold that much interest to me.

Photojournalism is different, and we all know what this is.  About 50 or 60 years ago, there was a thing called "news" which was an attempt to describe and present reality to other people in a way that was informative about one's surroundings. That notion over time has been largely converted to "propaganda," and all previous sources of broadcast television, print newspaper, and cable news have been converted over to this format.  Nearly all of it is skewed if not downright false.

Now that that somewhat off-topic but completely accurate rant is out of the way, on to this week's attempt.  Street photography, and photojournalism even more, are difficult topics to tackle living in a rural community of less than 500 people. We ended up taking a trip to Eureka Springs on Saturday, and I used that trip as an attempt to find suitable subject matter for this week's topic.

Up top, you'll see the weekly triptych of unsubmitted attempts. Far left, the Palace hotel with pedestrians walking past. Middle frame, a guitar/xylophone duo playing Christmas music to passers by. Right frame, a look uphill at the Basin Hotel and the building to the right that houses a line of shops.

All these were taken on Spring Street, as we descended the hill that is downtown Eureka Springs from the Crescent on this mild December day. All photos, as you can see, were taken in stark contrast; a relatively bright setting sun with deep deep shade was a metering nightmare.

On the plus side, there was a lot of activity in Eureka Springs this day, as there was a "Parade of Homes" type event going on. These are events where people buy tickets to come look at other people's stuff for some reason, and in this case that reason is that the homes are old. The lines were long, the busses were full, the streets were congested, and overall it was a somewhat atypical trip for us. However, there was increased activity because of the crowds, and most shops stayed open for longer than usual... or so it seemed.

All photos for this challenge were taken with the Pentax K-1 mII at 28mm (M28f2 lens).

The submission this week is the large portrait-oriented photo at left. The Flatiron Building at the split between Spring Street and Center Street. Again, there was deep shade darkening most of the building, but the wide dynamic range of the K-1 mII allowed for sufficient material to work with in Lightroom. Thankfully, there was a lady taking photos at the tip of the sidewalk which allows me to say that this photograph contains photojournalism in action.

That's all I got for this week.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you next week!

What's 52Frames? It's a weekly theme-based photography challenge that's been running for something like eight years now. The About page says that their philosophy is based on the "3 Cs, Creativity, Community, and Consistency." Creativity when time allows to produce some excellent results. Community comments on galleries posted at 52Frames.com. And Consistency in practice of taking photos every week. All submitted photos are collated into a weekly album, and comments are welcome.

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