52Frames: Orange - Jason Doss

52Frames: Orange

This week's primary theme is "Orange," and the secondary theme is "Fashion Shoot."

The main theme this week again is easy to understand and conceptualize, but this time there are multiple ways one can go with interpretation.  Orange colors occur everywhere, and so do oranges, especially if you live in Florida.  Anything goes (or could have gone), including sunsets, cars, paintings, or fruit.

"Fashion Shoot" was obviously a suggestion for a way to hone down the subject possibilities.  But who wears orange?

I knew immediately what I wanted to do for this week's topic, but I wasn't exactly sure about execution (pun intended).  The star of the show is Pepe L'Orange, a known ne'er-do-well and now serial killer in the neighborhood who agreed to pose for a few shots during his latest crime spree.

Pepe is composed of a mandarin orange and orange peppers, with a split coffee bean for eyes.  Nevertheless, he is a ruthless individual, part fruit, part vegetable, and doesn't hesitate to take out his frustrations on his own kind.  The photo on the right was one of the initial portrait sessions, where I checked his physical stability and lighting.  I used an on-camera flash with a second slave flash off to the left of the scene.  Then, Pepe went on a rampage.  I was unable to catch him "in the act," however he was definitely "orange-handed" here with the remains of his dismembered compadre scattered in the near background in the photo on the left.  This is the photo I submitted for the challenge.  

I used the flash to darken the background for added dramatic effect, but still required some editing to burn out some lingering details. 

So I qualified for the main theme by using an orange and orange peppers for Pepe's body, and I'm also taking credit for "Fashion Shoot," because he always wears orange.  How else could it be?

That's all I have for now... See you next time.

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