52Frames: Blessing - Jason Doss

52Frames: Blessing

This week's primary theme is "Blessing," and the secondary theme is "Other Peoples' Religion."

The main them, "Blessing," is meant to jive with the Thanksgiving holiday. We were asked to capture a scene that shows gratitude for good fortune, a blessing, in whatever shape it comes. "Other Peoples' Religion" was meant to generate motivation to explore new ideas, rituals, or places that are holy, but maybe not necessarily to one's self.

This week marks the birth of the 52Frames website. Now, hopefully, no longer will one need to putz with facebook in order to view and participate. Participants submit photos directly to the 52Frames website, and a gallery will be generated automatically at the close of submissions. Each photographer gets their own profile page, containing all their prior submissions. Now there's new motivation to keep the weekly streak alive.

This week was significant for us because we moved out of our apartment building in downtown Kansas City during this time.  We spent the first half of the week packing, and the second half driving our stuff and unpacking boxes in Jasper. 

This was the end of an era and another cross country move.  It was a time that I used to reflect on choices made and experiences that resulted from them.  We had a good time in downtown KC, most of the time, and were able to experience things that we could not have otherwise.

Also going on this week was another end-of-era event... the passing through of Union Pacific 4014, the only steam engine still going.  I did not know that my wife was such a train fan, but it turns out that getting up at 7am on a Tuesday to skip work and watch this thing roll out of town and blow steam in our faces was something we had to do.  It was a blessing for her, and for me, to see this thing leave town as we also were about to do.

Top left and center are some of the better shots of this event... the train rolling at us as we stood over the tracks and another of my lovely wife, looking the other way possibly because I'm trying to get her picture.

Bottom is an example of one of the fabulous sunsets we were able to witness from the 27th floor of the KCP&L building.  This doesn't happen every night, but often, and this time of year the sun sets pretty far south and was easily visible from our deck.  The towers are part of the downtown convention center and are icons of the Kansas City skyline, and were right outside our window.  Such a view was a blessing, one even most of the residents couldn't see, and because of that and the fantastic pastels I got from this shot, this one was my submission for this week. 

Finally, the secondary theme was "Other Peoples' Religion," which for me should have been pretty easy since I don't have a religion.  Only a short time after we landed in Jasper, we became friends with some folks who it turns out do have a religion, an unusual one not known by very many people.  They have sort of an alter in their newly acquired hotel.  Every Sunday there is a small group meeting which we usually attend, but afterwards we have a great time socializing.  I must say that neither of us are going to engage with religion in a serious way... I think they all have positive and negative aspects, and contain golden nuggets and stinking piles of bullshit in their lore.

Now, we're in Jasper on a permanent basis, but we will return to Kansas City frequently to visit family and for our jobs.  Toward the end, I think living downtown was becoming a trying experience, but hopefully our trips up there will prove that the axiom, "it's better to visit than to live there," is true.

What's 52Frames? It's a weekly theme-based photography challenge that's been running for something like eight years now. The About page says that their philosophy is based on the "3 Cs, Creativity, Community, and Consistency." Creativity when time allows to produce some excellent results. Community comments on galleries as they are posted at their new website.  Consistency in practice of taking photos every week. All submitted photos are collated into a weekly album, and comments are welcome.

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