52Frames: Architecture - Jason Doss

52Frames: Architecture

This week's primary theme is "Architecture," and the secondary theme is "HDR."

The main theme this week is a fairly basic one, and one in which anyone who lives in a house can participate.  Not living in Kansas City anymore, the search for a submission took me to unknown places where I found a suitable subject.

"HDR" means "High Dynamic Range," and describes a technique where multiple photos of differing exposure values of the same subject are merged together in order to compress the contrast.  This can be done in Photoshop, or Lightroom, but most cameras can do this internally.

The quest for architectural subjects occurred during the trip back from Springfield Airport after dropping off my wife, who is again outbound to Germany.  Figuring the most likely subject would be a building in a small town square, or more likely, an abandoned barn on the side of the road, the surprise at this fine specimen was great.  Multiple shots from varying angles were taken from both sides of the river (Table Rock Lake), and this one from the south side was chosen due to minimal distractions, cars passing by or parked across the river, or whatever. 

The shot on the left is the product of a Lightroom generated HDR from a single exposure, and the shot on the right is an HDR (advanced mode) made in-camera (Pentax K-1 mII).  The one on the right was submitted. 

Can you believe I managed to submit this week, *and* nail the secondary theme too?  Neither can I.

That's all I have for now... See you next time.

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