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52Frames: Abstract

This week's primary theme is "Abstract," and the secondary theme is "Storytelling."

According to the challenge page, there are no rules and no clear guidance for this challenge.  What's an abstract anyway?  Anything that isn't concrete, anything that doesn't fit into another genre, anything that exemplifies form, color, or lighting without defining a clear subject?  Match this theme with storytelling, and it opens up a wide door for creative license.

This week has been somewhat of a challenge to identify a suitable topic due to the chaos of the holidays and the head cold that came right after. I thought about shooting some amorphous boogers to "tell the story" of illness and disease. I didn't do that, though. 

It turns out abstracts are easier to come by than one might originally think. There were two in this week's archives already before even starting.

To the left, a campfire. Can't get much more abstract than that, as the unpredictable flames are doing whatever they want to do during this long exposure.  Typically, shots like this will have a shutter speed of at least a half-second with whatever stabilization is around (this time, my knee) and the results will be what they will be. 

Center is Brando's guitar, itself not all that abstract, but the mother of pearl part is very cool and I took some time trying to get shots of it.  I liked the combination of straight lines, regular curves, and random chaos represented by the strings, the hole in the middle and the decorative piece, respectively.

The next one was done intentionally for this challenge. We spent some time hanging pictures this weekend, until weakness and lethargy due to illness took me out of commission.  At any rate, the phone with the leveling app was placed on some crumpled tin foil, and some nails and picture hangers were tossed onto the (recently cleaned) screen, so the arrangement is random.  An object was placed under the foil so the bubble level would be just a bit off-center, adding hopefully a wee bit of interest to the scene.

But the official submission for the week is here. The story continues to unfold, but there is a story and the image you see before you can only be described as "abstract." This image is the lower right corner of an 8 month old Samsung LED television. The TV was purchased new from Sears, moved around and put together by me, moved once or twice by me, and cleaned by me sometimes, by Leah probably more often. Only about 3/4 of the screen is viewable, and the right side and bottom have these lines that intersect at the bottom right corner. Internet sleuthing tells me this is impact damage.

There are two nose prints on the screen because my boy likes to watch birds on TV, and sometimes the urge to resist is not enough to hold him back.  However, this focus is nowhere near the nose prints. We moved our stuff down from KC last weekend, and the only time this TV was touched in the past couple months was during that time. I moved the screen in order to get the tables it was sitting on out of the house, and replaced the screen on the stand that we brought from the apartment. Then relatives came for Thanksgiving, and we watched movies some of the time without incident.  Then they left, and we watched another movie ("The Nun," the latest in the Conjuring series). Then yesterday we turn on the tube and this is what we get. 

The TV hasn't been touched since I moved it last week, so I think an impact is ruled out at this time.  It is still under warranty, so we'll see how Sears handles this.

That's all I got for this week.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you next week!

What's 52Frames? It's a weekly theme-based photography challenge that's been running for something like eight years now. The About page says that their philosophy is based on the "3 Cs, Creativity, Community, and Consistency." Creativity when time allows to produce some excellent results. Community comments on galleries posted at 52Frames.com. And Consistency in practice of taking photos every week. All submitted photos are collated into a weekly album, and comments are welcome.

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