Jason Doss

This Week in Photos

2018, 02DEC thru 09DEC

Good news. I found a fun game I can play on my phone while on the toilet.

Bad news. My camera battery died while we were at the City Market.  When I put the spare in, it was already dead. Nothing pisses me off worse than that! Except maybe when I forget to put the card back in the camera.

Anyway, let's get to this week's photo display.  

This week, two black and white rolls are ready and a few digital shots from around town.

Digital images are daily images taken for a project I'm participating in here.  The goal is to take one image per day, so they can sometimes get mundane.   I'm only shooting for 75%, and I'm already behind.  Lots of time to catch up though.  Anyway, this week there are 14 new uploads, including this nice HDR photo of our favorite cocktail lounge, The Drum Room, and a shot of our building lit up in blue light.  Also included on the front page is a shot of Pandora sitting before the Christmas tree that everyone except she put up. 

Two new rolls of film were developed to complete the Film Shooter Challenge for November.  Theme:  Black and White film.  These two rolls turned out pretty good, and the second roll was developed by.....  Pandora!  The B/W photos included here are the ones she did.  Pretty good, huh?   Click here to see this week's images.

That's it for this week!  Check out previous weeks here.

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